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Skateboarding in the community has its benefits. While many see it as just a fun past-time, its influences go further than you know.

Supporting Local Artists

Street art and/or graffiti is a big park of the scene at skateparks. When visiting any skatepark you’re bound to see murals or influences in or around the area. Some people have a negative connotation when it comes to street art, but the fact of the matter is simply this: it’s art. It may not be a form of art that everyone appreciates, but it does have its place. Skateparks can dedicate sections that can be utilized by mural and street artists for creative expression. This allows artists to showcase their works to individuals that will appreciate their creative flair and do so in an appropriate place.

Physical and Emotional Health

Getting people of all ages out of their homes and taking a break from screen time is healthy for everyone. Besides the physical benefits, having people take part face-to-face interactions, connections with nature does wonders for our mental health as well. People who are happy and well-balanced become better citizens in the community.

Local Revenue

Embracing the skateboarding population can help local businesses generate revenue by offering services and products that are in demand. This can be a range of things like day camps and clinics for skaters, skate shops that provide skateboards, parts and customized products, safety gear, apparel and more.

Community Events

Skateboarding events can be a lucrative and exciting event for the community. These events are usually open to spectators and can draw in a variety of participants. In addition to giving the community a safe activity the entire family can enjoy it is also another opportunity for local vendors to generate business and exposure. This would be in the form of food trucks, vendor booths, services, etc.


Have you ever boarded a plane and noticed people toting around a skateboard? People who are active skateboarders think about skating on a regular basis. When they travel, they will often seek out local skateparks to visit. It’s fun to be able to say that you’ve skated elsewhere than your home state. When visiting a skatepark you’ll often meet people there who are on vacation too. When tourist venture away from tourism traps they are more likely to visit small businesses and restaurants in the area. This can bring more exposure and support to places that locals usually enjoy but often miss out on out-of-state revenue.

Supporting the local skateboarding population with a safe and well-built skatepark does not only benefit skaters. Look beyond and see the ways it can benefit an entire community.

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