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Skateboarding for recreation or sport brings about a lot of physical and mental benefits for well-being. Besides being fun, skateboarders reap a lot long-term and character building skills along the way.

Social Diversity & Communication

It is very special for a group of people to do the same thing that they all love together. The differences melt away as you find common ground with like-minded individuals. This gives skaters the ability to expand their horizons to interact with others that they may not encounter in their daily lives. You can get help, advice and constructive criticism from others to better your abilities. You in turn also learn to communicate effectively with others to offer the same support.  These interactions eventually develop into friendships that can go beyond the skatepark.


Skateboarders will try, fail, get up again and repeat. Learning new tricks can be very frustrating and discouraging – not to mention at times, painful. But the excitement and self-confidence that comes from landing a trick is far greater than the pain involved. The skill of a skateboarder is decided by their own will and dissatisfaction. Most do not have coaches or organized practices to better their ability. Skateboarding is self-taught commitment and determination to keep practicing until they find satisfaction with the results.

Community Responsibility and Mentorship

Skateboarders spend a lot of time skateboarding in the community and skateparks. It’s here that they interact with others that share the same passion and form friendships that evolve into a sense of community. When you visit a skatepark, it’s not uncommon to see more experienced skaters looking out for those who are younger or give a a quick nod of encouragement towards another. When people feel that they are a part of a community, they take pride in what they represent. Individuals who take on community responsibility often take on roles as adults that provide a valuable asset to the communities they live in.


Skateboarding is an individual sport. You can do it with others, but your abilities are entirely dependent on you. It can be intimidating when you’re first starting out. Going to a skatepark to do your first drop-in may not go as planned, but skaters will do it anyway. Even if they fail, they are able to gather the courage and face the fear of embarrassment. These experiences solidify the belief, that practice makes better(but not perfect). They become brave enough to accept the failures, because they know that trying and failing is better than not trying at all.

Skateboarding for sport or recreation has many benefits that go beyond the board. Physical and mental benefits are obvious, but the life skills and experiences gained while having fun can be transformational.

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