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Emerged in the late 1950’s, skateboard culture has proved to be timeless and diverse among enthusiasts. Revolutionized in the 1970’s by the “Z-Boys” changed skateboarding forever.

Skateboarders are often viewed in a negative light, with poorly informed stereotypes of recklessness and disregard for authority. However, people who fall into this belief fail to see skaters for their qualities: brave and unique individuals with who value equality, creativity and freedom with an unwavering dedication to the sport. The game-changers of the sport inspire millions who embrace skate culture whole-heartedly and strive for excellence.

Skateboarding also have deep influences in fashion. From chunky sneakers and lose-fitting clothing, many brands adopt the styles which further populates the lifestyle.


The skateboarding community is tight-knit and universal. Skateboarders find a sense of belonging through the shared passion of the sport. Skills through verbal and non-verbal communication is built by interacting with others who share a common interest. Skateboarders find.a sense of community within their communities which often lead into community advocacy and service. These traits can be used to describe skateboarding communities across the globe.

The video below is narrated by Paul Rodrigez, a well respected skating icon. It’s the trailer from the documentary, We Are Blood which shows the world what is possible on a skateboard while celebrating the bond and passion of skateboarding.

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